Van Diemen Films Ltd was established in 1983 by Christopher Smith and Graham Stubbings who were colleagues at Rank Film Equipment the Arriflex agency at that time. After the establishment of Arriflex as an independent company the Van Diemen founding members developed the business into a film equipment sales and service facility with emphasis on lens sales and service. The company grew rapidly and Christopher left his position as Sales Director for the Aaton agency in London to work full time for Van Diemen Films.


From this point on Van Diemen grew rapidly moving from a small rented service unit to its first factory followed a few years later by a move to larger premises.


The lens service department developed into a lens build and conversion facility producing conventional thread form lenses mainly destined for France and Italy. Many of these conversions remain in service today, but they were difficult to build and so a better process was sought. In 1991 the company filed its first patent for the Wireform™ System. This was a major leap forward giving a key advantage over other manufacturers in the field. It further made lens conversion financially viable.


Further developments to the system have enhanced its performance in three steps culminating in the current range of Macro, Compact Macro and Small Close Focus lenses all using developments of the original The Van Diemen Wireform™ System.


In recent years we have developed further introdcuing the Inverted Wireform Technology for our range of Leica standrad primes providing ample full frame 24 x 36 coverage in a compact lightweight package.


Significant developments have also been made utilising this technology with Lomo Anamorphic conversions. These originally square front lenses become cylindrical and benefit from the Inverted Wireform movement.The final product having all the features required for modern cinematography.