1500 Series

This conversion offers excellent close focusing using our patented Inverted Wireform™ mechanical design.

The Van Diemen range of 1500 series conversions are suitable for most spherical prime lenses. Each conversion has an individually computed focus helix using our Inverted Wireform™ technology to achieve the best possible focus scale for the particular focal length, providing a very smooth and reliable focus movement with industry standard gearing for motorisation. Another characteristic of these lenses are their light weight, primarily due to the efficient mechanical design. This conversion, therefore, is suitable for an environment where weight and precise focus control are important, for example with handheld use or while using camera stabilisation equipment. These conversions offer excellent close focusing ability, often with a last scaling of less than 1'.

All Van Diemen lenses are bespoke and assembled to client order. We provide PL mounts as standard with all of our conversions, with other mounting options such as LPL and EF available on request. All of our lenses are supplied with dual iris scales as standard, with macro scaling available conditional of size.

General Specifications


Front Diameter

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Mounting Options


Minimum Focus Distance