We offer a large selection of Lomo and Iscorama anamorphic lens conversions.

The Van Diemen range of anamorphic lenses is extensive. We offer conversions for both square front and round front Lomo anamorphics, with other taking lens options such as Cooke, Leica and Bausche + Lomb.

Our round front conversions have the option of static or rotating front. The 32mm, 35mm and 40mm models have the additional option of true internal focusing with no rotating front element. The static front conversions benefit from Super 35 coverage at minimum, but since each order is bespoke, the precise coverage for your specific combination will be provided at time of conversion. These conversions have a standard 130mm front diameter with larger diameters available to fit any matte box size.

Our square front conversions are all rehoused into cylindrical bodies, and benefit from our Inverted Wireform™ mechanical design, providing a very smooth focus with a good feel and excellent close focus performance. These conversions have a uniform front diameter of 114mm for all focal lengths and have a 3/8" access port for support systems.

All Van Diemen anamorphic lenses come with dual iris and focus scales, industry standard gearing for motorisation and PL mounting as standard. Other mounting and engraving options are available. No original Lomo mechanical parts are reused in any of our conversions.

We also offer a selection of Iscorama anamorphic attachments, which can be attached to the front of your existing prime lens to provide anamorphic characteristics. These Cine Iscoramas can be designed to suit a number of focal length lenses and formats.

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General Specifications

114 - 162mm

Front Diameter

PL / LPL / EF / more...

Mounting Options


Minimum Focus Distance