72/72140 Anamorphic 40mm Cooke LOMO. RF, IF conversion
  • 72/72140 Anamorphic 40mm Cooke LOMO. RF, IF conversion


    Anamorphic 40mm Cooke LOMO Round Front Internal Focus conversion. Front element does not rotate internally while focusing.

    (Image shown is of a 35mm variant of this conversion but represents the same external dimensions as the 40mm)

    A full conversion using the anamorphic focusing unit from a 35mm LOMO together with a 40mm Cooke prime lens.

    These conversions benefit from the new IWF (Inverted Wireform™) lens movements providing even movements with a good feel and excellent close focus performance. This conversion overcomes all the limitations of the original product providing smooth movements, industry standard gearings, all in a conventional cylindrical body. 

    The lenses have static gear positions located in the same place relative to the film plane on all focal lengths. Each has solid end stops for focus and iris drives. 

    Dual iris scales on all focal lengths.

    Minumum Super 35 coverage. Precise coverage of each converted lens combination can be supplied at the time of conversion.

    The lens has a 3/8" access port for support systems.

    The front ring has a static 158mm x 0.75mm thread facilitating the mounting of filters and accessories and has a diameter of 162mm. Variations can be supplied in order to bring the diameter up to any matte box size.

    * T scale depenent on original LOMO.

    Please note: Supply of donor prime lens and anamorphic are NOT included in the conversion price.


    Lenses are supplied in PL or LPL mount with other options available on request.

    SKU: 72/72140

      LENS 40mm Anamorphic Cooke LOMO RF IF          150119
      Nominal Focal Length 40mm
      T/No. TBA
      Max Stop TBA
      Front Diameter 162mm

      Length to PL flange

      Overall length



      Weight TBA
      Iris Gearing Dual Scaled Ø105mm 32DP 130 Teeth
      Focus Gearing Ø142mm 32DP 177 Teeth
      Coverage Minimum Super 35
      Min Distance (scaled) TBA


      Back Focus adjustment In PL Mount Shims
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      Van Diemen aim to deliver within 90 days of receipt of order and 50% deposit/prepayment. We are unable to guarantee delivery times as they vary according to factory loading and availability of parts at the time of order.


      Various methods of payment are available via the website which are detailed in the website order processing. We do not accept Pay Pal payment for lens conversion work as Pay Pal terms and conditions conflict directly with the necessary conditions we work under for conversion work.


      We offer a full 2 year warranty with every Van Diemen Wireform™ product. This however does not extend to optical units on conversion products as they are supplied direct by the client.


      Warranty is applicable ex works Camberley, UK. It is the responsibility of the client to cover shipping and insurance to and from Van Diemen for all product sales and warranty work.

      Delivery Terms on Established Products

      Van Diemen Films Ltd now offer a 'Call In' service to clients in order to reduce the down time of working lenses. We offer to call in your lenses when your assembly slot comes due, normally within 90 days of order and agreement of terms. Once the lens is received, we aim to deliver within 30 days.