Our Wireform™ system is a breakthrough development in lens design. 

A wire is formed into a coil and set inside a lens housing, this becomes the male part of a thread. The wire is set at a varying coil spacing which replicates the function of a Cam-form and thus results in operator friendly focus scales. The mating part of this wire is a machined plastic (PTFE) V-form carrying the body of the optical unit. This is held under spring tension providing resilience to shock, automatic wear compensation and lubricant free movement.

The Wireform™ system is a patented product. This lens movement combines the benefit of a variable-pitch mechanical drive with a very smooth and consistent lens movement. This patented system is robust and does not require adjustment or service for any climate condition. The system is equally effective on almost all lenses large or small, in both size and weight. The Wire Form can be tailored for any focal length and a best possible focus solution can be achieved.

Van Diemen  WIREFORM  lens drive